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Inclusivity Training

One of the key guiding principles for Babcock focuses on valuing diversity and enabling an inclusive environment for all employees. To support this, Babcock staff join a training course focused on diversity and what each of them can do to support this.

What we did.

  • In support of this agenda, over 75% of our Aviation Apprentices have already attended one of our three-hour ‘No Innocent Bystander’ workshops held by an external theatre company.
  • Over time, the workshops will be attended by all our Aviation employees and allows them to understand and actively discuss the importance of Inclusivity and Diversity in Babcock through realistic scenarios.
  • An E-learning training module to address issues such as unconscious bias, discrimination and stereotyping will support these workshops.

What we learned.

The Apprentices who attended the workshops provided collective feedback about their experience at the session:

“Apprentices starting out in their career are typically of a young age directly from a ‘school’ environment. This often means that we have little or no experience of the working world and the challenges it can pose. One of these challenges is integrating with new teams and this can be quite daunting, especially if you belong to a minority group within your workplace."

“As young adults, new to the workplace, the ‘No Innocent Bystander’ workshops were not what we initially thought they would be. We envisaged a day of ‘boring PowerPoint’ and one-way presentations… Wow! How wrong could we be!!"

“The workshops were a fantastic way of giving us tools to identify and take action against discrimination in the workplace, both for our colleagues and ourselves. The workshops also gave us the skills to be able to help others integrate in the teams and ensure that we are not being discriminatory in our actions. The method of delivering the information by using a theatre group was absolutely excellent. It allowed us to interact and share our experiences and knowledge, and hear views from the other members of each group. This style of delivery proved to be engaging, encouraged debate and cultivated a great learning environment for all involved. Most of us had never seen this method of interactive learning before and it proved to be anything but boring!"

"Overall, we think this was a brilliant way to learn. It should be made available to all apprentices in the future to aid in their individual development and career progression into being a well-rounded Babcock employee.”

What we would do differently as a result.

  • Once we have delivered this to everyone we believe this programme would benefit from being delivered every few years with updated scenarios.
  • These new scenarios would reflect the latest ‘hot topics’ in order to stay current and provide up to date learning and training.
  • We would also like to see more soft skills topics presented in similarly engaging ways. For example, presentation skills or public speaking.
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