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Transitioning apprentices to the workforce from Day One

Here at Jaguar Land Rover, we work on transitioning our apprentices into the main workforce from the day they start their apprenticeship. This helps to minimise the impact it has on day-to-day performance when they do work more closely in their teams.

What we did.

  • On joining Jaguar Land Rover, the apprentices sit in the team they will work in at the end of their apprenticeship.  Throughout their apprenticeship and after they are mentored and supported to ease transition. All apprentices are allocated a mentor, ensuring time is set aside for contact.
  • They are also given extra educational support at their college if they need it, with regular twelve-week reviews to make sure they are moving forward in their studies.
  • At the plant we ensure they always have the full support of their line manager, and are paired with a team member to help them learn on the job. They are also assigned a Learning Manager who meets with them regularly.
  • All apprentices have the opportunity to join our Apprentice Forum, setting them all up with a network of like-minded colleagues.
  • In year one of their apprenticeship they spend all their time in college full time, but are placed in their home department outside of term dates. In year two and three the number of hours they spend in their team increases, culminating with them full time in the workplace by year four.
  • This means at the end of their apprenticeship the transition is seamless. The slow change over the four or six years minimises culture shock and helps the apprentices get used to the workplace environment.
  • Also, at Jaguar Land Rover, we give a 10% increase in salary every six months to recognise what our apprentices are achieving. All apprentices know what criteria they need to meet in terms of skills, experience and behaviours to obtain the increase, so it’s a great incentive for our apprentices to meet their goals as they move through their apprenticeship.

What we learned.

We’re really proud of our attrition rate - the number of our performing apprentices who leave at the end of their apprenticeship is around 2%.

What we would do differently as a result.

  • We support a culture of continuous improvement – we’re always looking for ways we can improve and do better for the future.
  • For example, our plans to introduce a buddy scheme for our female apprentices, to help adapt to Jaguar Land Rover’s culture, following feedback from our previous year’s intake.
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