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Integrating apprentices into the wider workforce

Siemens Digital Factory Process Industries and Drives (DF PD) have a strong Women’s Network and encourage the female apprentices to get involved for support and advice when they need it.

What we did.

  • From year two onwards, we give the apprentices mentors to guide them in their journey.
  • In their final year, we allocate them a placement where they will hopefully be working long term. This placement assesses best fit and we allocate a final placement based on their strengths and development areas.
  • We celebrate the end of the four-year apprenticeship with a graduation ceremony, attended by senior management and which has also included Juergen Maier, CEO of Siemens UK.

What we learned.

  • While both Jade and Helen (our female apprentices) have been involved with the Women’s Network, they have said that they’ve not needed to ask for any help or support yet.
  • The apprentices say they like that management do actually listen to feedback and respond quickly to any concerns.

What we would do differently as a result.

Siemens DF PD foster an important culture of continuous improvement – we’re learning and improving every year.

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