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Writing a session plan

Running an event can be quite daunting whether it’s a workshop lasting a few hours or just a brief talk. Preparing for this and writing a session plan will help you to manage your activity and give you confidence for its delivery.

Effective facilitators will:

  • plan the event/activity
  • procure the resources they need
  • list the procedure they are going to follow for their activity
  • and prepare for potential pitfalls and problems.

You can achieve all of these by writing a session plan.

This can be short and simple, or very detailed – whatever suits you. There is no right or wrong way to produce a plan: it needs to be something that will help you to get ready to deliver your session and guide you during the activity.

As a minimum you will probably want a plan that sets out:

  • the aim of the activity (what you want students to know, think or feel after your session)
  • what steps you and the students will go through during the session
  • how long each of these steps will take
  • the resources you need at each step along the way
  • any concerns or risks involved in the session and how these will be reduced.

If you already have experience in writing session plans or delivering practical activities you might want to write a more detailed plan that also covers:

  • how you will check whether students have taken in the information
  • evaluation plans
  • links from the activity to the curriculum
  • ways you will ensure inclusivity, address unconscious bias
  • follow on activities.

Here’s one we have done before.

A simple session plan template can be downloaded here.

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