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Inspiring the next generation to take up STEM subjects is important for EDF Energy. If we’re to rise to the challenges of the future we need to embrace diversity, empowering all to believe they can make a difference. We’ve designed a number of programmes targeted at young people and women that help showcase the benefits of STEM subjects in developing a career.

What we did.

The Year 8 Involve Programme

  • Engages Year 8 students in STEM learning and explores possible future careers in Construction, Engineering and Nuclear.
  • Students will experience a careers assembly followed by a Nuclear STEM day. Some will get the opportunity to extend their understanding by participating in a Low Carbon Challenge Day or even the Low Carbon Residential at Exeter University.
  • The programme give a fantastic introduction to the career opportunities STEM subjects can open up within the nuclear sector, with a focus on equipping students with core life-skills in communication and presentation.

The Year 9 Pathways programme

  • Following on from the Year 8 programme, students will obtain a greater insight into low-carbon energy with a particular emphasis on nuclear energy.
  • Training is provided to help students present confidently, communicate and debate their ideas on our energy future. They will also have the opportunity to experience hands-on engineering-related challenges.
  • The ‘Pathways’ programme starts with a careers assembly for the whole year group followed by a Nuclear STEM workshop. Beyond this some students can participate in an Aspiration Day offering insight into university life or taking part in an engineering challenge. Culminating in a presentation day at the end of the year, the student will be able to demonstrate the skills they’ve learnt to their fellow students.

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Inspiring Women into Construction and Engineering Initiative

  • Hinkley Point C’s Inspire Education Programme is helping young people in Somerset to embrace the opportunities the construction project will bring. Through a range of innovative activities across the region we’ll be promoting the benefits of STEM subjects and showcasing STEM Jobs that could form part of their future.
  • Working in collaboration with Bridgewater College we’re helping young women in Somerset discover what career opportunities are available to them that they might not have considered before.

For more about Hinkley Point C, please go to

Pretty Curious: Inspiring girls to shape their world through STEM

  • Inspires teenage girls to imagine a future where they use STEM to help make a difference, and aims to change the perception of STEM subjects and address the reasons girls are being discouraged. We want to open their eyes to the varied career opportunities available if they pursue STEM subjects at school and beyond.

For more about Pretty Curious, please go to

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